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Deep technology of rolling bearings installation

wallpapers Industry 2020-11-12
Rolling bearings
When installing the rolling bearing, pay attention to the fit with the main shaft and the fit with the bearing seat. The bearing and the shaft are matched with a base hole, and the shaft must be machined to a tolerance size corresponding to the inner diameter of the bearing. Generally require some interference. The tolerance is r, s and so on. Also pay attention to the matching requirements with the bearing seat to have a certain clearance. The tolerance is G, H, etc. The tolerance of rolling bearings is h, H. The inner diameter and outer diameter have a deviation of zero, and tolerance is a special case. For the bearing inner ring, the higher the rotation speed, the greater the load and vibration, and the tighter the fit. Use n6, m6, k6, js6. For the outer ring of the bearing, a looser fit should be used. Such as J7, H7, G7. If frequent disassembly is required, a looser fit should be used.
Because the inner ring of the bearing is tightly matched with the journal, in order not to damage the accuracy of the bearing, the inner ring must be used as the force component during installation, and the pressing force must be evenly applied to the inner ring. Install the bearing through the inner ring. Do not knock the outer ring of the bearing and the cage.
Suitable bearings seat
The shaft and bearing housing holes must have sufficient rigidity. When under load, its excessive deformation will hinder the rolling of the rolling elements, affect the running accuracy and reduce the service life of the bearing. The two shaft diameters of the bearing installed on the shaft and the two bearing holes on the machine base must ensure a certain degree of coaxial to prevent excessive deformation after installation. Cause greater rotation resistance, reduce bearing life and mechanical stability.
After the bearing is installed, the running clearance must be adjusted. This has a great influence on the rotation accuracy, friction loss, temperature rise, noise and life of the bearing. Therefore, it is required to adjust the clearance. The adjustment method is to add or subtract the gasket at the bearing cover or adjust with screws and fine threads.

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