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Synthesis of aluminium nitride powder by plasma chemistry

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Aluminium nitride is a refractory compound with wurtzite structure. With its high volume resistivity, dielectric strength, thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion coefficient, and dielectric constant, many insulating sheets can be prepared. Heat dissipation substrate, etc.

The plasma chemical synthesis method is used to prepare aluminium nitride powder, which can effectively shorten the reaction time and synthesize ultra-fine powder products. Since the late 1970s, people have been concerned about the use of plasma chemical synthesis to integrate aluminium nitride powder, and a lot of research work has been done in this regard. In plasma synthesis, electrodeless high frequency or ultra-high frequency discharge plasma generators are generally used. The synthesis process is carried out with aluminium powder added to the plasma containing ammonia. The radial temperature gradient of the plasma flow is relatively large, and the temperature along the centre line is relatively high. Therefore, the heating of the aluminium powder particles depends on the speed of the particle flow falling into the high-temperature region of the plasma flow centre. Plasma chemically synthesized aluminium nitride has high activity and good process performance due to its excellent particle size and large specific surface area. When this powder is used to produce products by sintering, the sintering temperature can be reduced by 300 degrees, and almost entirely dense aluminium nitride ceramics can be created.

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