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Do you really know silicon nanoparticles?

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What is silicon nanoparticles?

Silicon nanoparticles refers to crystalline silicon particles less than 5 nanometers in diameter. Silicon nanoparticle powder has the characteristics of high purity, small particle size and even distribution. It has the advantages of large surface area, high surface activity, low density, non-toxic, tasteless and good activity.
The main use of nanometer silicon are as follows: it can react with organic matter and be used as raw material of organic silicon polymer material. Instead of nano carbon powder or graphite, as the material of lithium batteries.
Applications of silicon nanoparticles
Nano silicon composite potassium flameproof glass is A highly transparent and rigid nano silicon fire plastic and glass composite and become A new type of flameproof glass, nanometer silicon fireproof glue is A hard transparent fireproof inorganic crystals, each piece of glass all over 30 procedure 500 hours to complete the production, is A new type of strong weatherability, stable quality, fire glass is for fire curtain wall is made of super weatherability flameproof glass, as A fire resistance to bask in the fire protection glass window, high transparent, does not change color, not degumming class A fireproof glass。Nano silicon waterproof adhesive is developed by high-tech nanotechnology, is an environmentally friendly waterproof product, with permeable crystalline waterproof property, can be diluted and then sprayed on the surface of dry porous building materials such as brick, cement, stone, gypsum, lime, forming a colorless permanent waterproof layer.
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