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How is Zinc Oxide ZnO powder produced?

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Direct method:
1. Calcined by zinc carbonate.ZnCO3 = ZnO + CO2 write
2. from the calcination of zinc hydroxide decomposition.
3. smelting from crude zinc oxide into zinc, and then through high-temperature air oxidation from.
4. by the oxidation of molten zinc.
5. The methods used are indirect method with zinc ingot as raw material (also known as the French method), a direct method with zinc ore as raw material (also known as the American method) and wet method.
Indirect method:
Reaction equation: 2Zn+O2=2ZnO
Operation: The zinc ingot obtained by electrolysis method is heated to 600 ~ 700℃ after melting, placed in the high-temperature crucible, melting and gasification at 1250 ~ 1300℃, and then imported into hot air for oxidation. The generated zinc oxide is cooled and separated by the cyclone, and the fine particles are captured with cloth bags, that is, the finished zinc oxide is produced.
The direct method:
Reaction equation:
ZnO+CO=Zn (vapor) +CO2
Zn (vapor) +CO+O2=ZnO+CO2
Operation method: the roasting zinc ore powder (or materials containing zinc), anthracite (or coke), limestone according to the ratio of 1:0. 5:0.05 prepared into a ball. After reduction smelting at 1300℃, zinc oxide in the ore powder is reduced to zinc vapor, which is then oxidized by air. The resulting zinc oxide is captured to produce zinc oxide finished products.
Wet method: Zinc sulfate is produced by reacting zinc ash with sulfuric acid, and then it is reacted with sodium carbonate and ammonia respectively. Zinc oxide is produced by using zinc carbonate and zinc hydroxide as raw materials. The reaction equation is as follows:
Zinc + - H2SO4 = ZnSO4 + H2 write
ZnSO4 + Na2CO3 = ZnCO3 left + Na2SO4
ZnSO4 nh3 · H2O + 2 = zinc (OH) 2 left + (NH4) 2 so4
Zinc oxide was prepared from zinc carbonate by washing, drying, calcining and crushing.Write ZnCO3 - > ZnO + CO2
Zinc oxide was prepared from zinc hydroxide by water washing precipitation, drying, calcination, cooling and grinding.Zinc (OH) 2 - > ZnO + H2O

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