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What Are The Sources Of Chromium?

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Chromium symbol Cr, silver-white metal, belongs to group VIB in the periodic table. Chromium has an atomic number of 24 and an atomic weight of 51.9961. It is a body-centered cubic crystal. The common valences are +3, +6 and +2. The oxidation number is 10. In 1797, French chemist L.N.Vauquelin discovered a new element in Siberian red lead ore (chrome-lead ore) and reduced it with carbon the following year to obtain metallic chromium. Because chromium can generate beautiful multi-colored compounds, it is named chromium according to the Greek word chroma (color).
In 1978, the world's metal chromium production capacity was 6000 tons by electrolytic method and 4300 tons by thermite method. Japan produced 2,884 tons of metal chromium in 1978. The consumption distribution in 1977 was: 40% high-temperature alloy, 31% aluminum alloy, and 25% welding rod. In 1981, the price of lumpy chromium with a purity greater than 99% in the London market was 4,050-4,250 pounds/ton. Ferrochromium and silicon-chromium alloys widely used in the iron and steel industry are smelted by electric furnaces. Metal chromium production uses metal thermal reduction (thermite) method and electrolysis method.

Source and use
In nature, it mainly exists in the form of chromite FeCr2O4. It is made by reduction of chromium oxide with aluminum, or made by electrolysis of chromium alum or chromic acid.
According to its content in the earth's crust, chromium is one of the most widely distributed elements. It has more cobalt, nickel, molybdenum, and tungsten found before it. This may be because the natural compound of chromium is very stable, not easily soluble in water, and it is difficult to reduce. Some people think that the metallic chromium obtained by Walkland may be chromium carbide.
Chromium is used to make stainless steel, auto parts, tools, tapes and video tapes, etc. Chromium plating on metal can prevent rust, also called more than meters, strong and beautiful.
Chromium can be used to make stainless steel. The colors of red and emerald also come from chromium. As the most important metal in modern technology, chromium-nickel steel fused with different percentages is ever-changing, and the variety is incredible.

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