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What exactly is graphene, which costs more than a diamond? A revolutionary scarce material

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When it comes to the hottest new material, it's definitely graphene. What is graphene? According to known information, graphene is 1/200,000th the thickness of a human hair, and 200 times stronger than steel. It is the lightest, thinest and strongest material known in the world.
What is graphene?
Graphene is a single sheet of carbon, a two-dimensional crystal made of a single layer of carbon atoms. And the thickness of that thin layer, that's the thickness of one carbon atom. A carbon atom is only 0.335 nanometers in diameter. Remember, a nanometer is a billionth of a meter, or one-thousandth the diameter of a human hair. One millimeter of graphite contains more than three million layers of graphene!
You can even get bits of graphene in the core of a pencil, a shallow pencil mark on the paper, which is actually layers of graphene. The discovery of graphene really shook up the academic world. Until now, most physicists believed that any perfectly two-dimensional crystal could not be stable at temperatures other than absolute zero (minus 273.15 degrees). However, as a two-dimensional crystal form, a single layer of graphene has thus been prepared at room temperature. It was after successfully isolating and demonstrating graphene's stable existence in 2004, and thus discovering its quantum Hall effect (see below), that two University of Manchester scientists, Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov, In 2010, he won the Nobel Prize for Physics!
Based on its various properties, graphene could also be used in electronic products, such as transparent touch-screen displays that are flexible and bendable, or wearable devices.
The special structural form of graphene makes it the hardest and the thinnest in the world at present, and has strong toughness, electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity. These characteristics make it has a huge space for development. In the future, graphene is likely to be used in electronics, aerospace, optics, energy storage, biomedicine, daily life and other industries. Its potential applications include high-speed transistors, transparent electrodes, printed electronics, new composite materials, ultra-sensitive sensors, new catalysts, gene sequencing, energy storage devices and so on.
The price of graphene with high conductivity is more than 500 yuan per gram. As for the graphene with high purity, the price is even more expensive, at least 1000 yuan per gram or even 5000 yuan. This price is equivalent to more than ten times of the current gold price.
Graphene itself is a very large industry and has a lot of application space. At present, the application scenarios of graphene are relatively small, mostly focusing on the two functions of thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity.

At present, graphene is mainly divided into two kinds: single-atom thin film graphene and graphene powder. The preparation of the former is mainly based on methane, acetylene and other carbon-containing gases as raw materials, the use of chemical vapor deposition synthesis, and graphite or straw has nothing to do with.

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