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Wide application and preparation of magic nano aluminum

wallpapers News 2021-07-16
Nano aluminum introduction
Standard aluminum atoms cover only one thousandth of the surface, while nano aluminum covers 50%. That is, the aluminum atom surface covers 50%, and the particle size is nanometer aluminum from the nanometer aluminum powder. The standard aluminum atom only covers one thousandth of the surface, while the nanometer aluminum coverage rate is 50%. That is, the surface of aluminum atoms is covered by 50%, and the particle size is nanometer aluminum powder into nanometer aluminum.
Nano rate preparation method
The large-scale preparation and application research of nano-aluminum are related to the development of my country's national defense construction and the development of high-tech products. There are very few research papers on the preparation of nano-aluminum, and the methods used are mainly limited to the method and the arc discharge method. There are mainly two chemical methods, including mechanochemical method and solution chemical method.
1.Evaporation and condensation
Evaporation condensation method is a typical method of preparing nanoparticles by physical method. It is filled with pure inert gas (Ar, He, etc.) under vacuum, and high-frequency induction heating evaporates the raw aluminum ingot to produce aluminum vapor. The flow of inert gas drives the vapor down and approaches the cooling device. During the evaporation process, aluminum vapor atoms collide with inert gas atoms to lose energy and quickly cool down. This effective cooling process causes high local supersaturation and uniform nucleation in aluminum vapor. When approaching the cooling device, The aluminum vapor first forms clusters of atoms, and then forms single nano-particles, and the nano-particles enter the collection area with the gas flow through classification to obtain nano-powder. This method consumes a lot of energy, has a high cost, is difficult to control the particle size, and has poor product stability.
2.Line explosion
The line explosion method is another physical method. The explosion chamber is first evacuated to a higher vacuum, and then the explosion chamber is filled with high-purity argon gas at a certain pressure. Adjust the high voltage to 34kV and charge 30kV to the energy storage to make the whole system in a stable state. The aluminum wire with a diameter of 0.3mm is fed into the explosion chamber through the wire feeding device, and the explosion frequency of the A1 line is controlled to be 30 times/min. The aluminum wire is instantly exploded by plasma discharge to form highly dispersed nano aluminum powder, and then the nano aluminum powder is collected and packaged in situ under the protection of nitrogen. The particle size of nano aluminum powder prepared by this method is generally above 100 nm, and it is difficult to achieve a smaller particle size. At the same time, the production volume of this method is very small, and it is difficult to meet the ever-expanding market demand. Therefore, seeking a new method to prepare nano-aluminum powder will provide new technical support for the solar cell market, military industry and national defense.
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