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Introduction to Religion and Weddings in Bhutan


Religion in Bhutan

The official religion of Bhutan is Vajrayana Buddhism. Bhutan is a constitutionally Buddhist country, and Buddhism occupies an important position in Bhutan. Buddhism is Bhutan's cultural heritage and the identity of the Bhutanese people. Religious freedom was guaranteed by the king. Of the population of 770,000, about 75 percent follow the Drupa lineage of the Kagyu sect, the Linma sect of Tibetan Buddhism, or other schools of Buddhism. The remaining 25%, mostly lhotshampa, profess Hinduism.

Tibetan Buddhism occupies an important position in Bhutan. Tibet is regarded as a holy place by the Bhutanese, and many Bhutanese visit Tibet every year. The government supports the Kagyu and Nyingma monasteries. The royal family believes in two kinds of Buddhism, Ningma and Kagyu, and many citizens believe in "Guanyin Sect", which means "the Kagyu and Nyingma are combined into one".

The restoration of the temple has been the responsibility of the local government since 1970. Therefore, the economic burden of the monastery is greatly reduced. The famous religious holy places in Bhutan are Punakha Dzong and Tashcho Dzong.

Religion occupies an important place in Bhutanese society and people's life, and has a place in today's politics, economy, military, culture and people's daily life.

Introduction to Religion and Weddings in Bhutan

Wedding in bhutan

For Bhutanese, a wedding is not a simple exchange of vows and rings, but a whole set of religious ceremonies presided over by Buddhist monks and lamas, which are believed to strengthen the relationship between husband and wife and wish the newlyweds a lifetime of love and happiness.

Getting married in Bhutan is a unique experience for newlyweds. Since the famous actor Tony Leung and his wife Carina Lau got married here, more and more people choose to hold their wedding in this romantic country.

Some may think that getting married in Bhutan is just a distant dream. But with us, you can achieve this dream effortlessly. We can carefully plan for you and guarantee you a perfect wedding in Bhutan.

There are two types of weddings you can choose from. One is a regular and simple wedding. Monks or lamas perform simple blessing rituals. The bride and groom can then exchange hada or rings. Afterwards, a simple lunch or dinner will be held. Such a wedding won't cost much, you only have to pay extra for the ceremony and dinner compared to a normal Bhutan trip.

The other is more expensive. You can tell us your wedding needs first, we will try our best to meet all your needs, whether it is a luxurious hotel, high-level religious ceremony, local customs with Bhutanese characteristics, honeymoon travel, etc.

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