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The Advantages Of Wet Smelting And Fire Smelting Of Nickel

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Nickel is a transition metal element with element symbol Ni, located in group VIII of the fourth period, with atomic number 28. Nickel is a silver-white metal with good mechanical strength and ductility. It is insoluble in water and has strong corrosion resistance to acids and alkalis, but it is easily soluble in dilute nitric acid and aqua regia. High temperature resistance, melting point 1455 °C, boiling point 2730 °C. The density is 8.902g/cm³. It can be used to make currency, etc. It can be plated on other metals to prevent rust.
Through the analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of hydrometallurgy and pyrometallurgical smelting, it can be known that due to the low energy consumption, low pollution, and high quality of the hydrometallurgical process, the current cost of the two processes is equivalent, and the advantages and development trends of the hydrometallurgical process are gradually highlighted. Naturally, wet smelting is more valued, and the investment in its technology must be greater than that of pyro smelting. With the progress of wet smelting technology and equipment and the expansion of scale, the cost of wet smelting will gradually be lower than that of pyro smelting.
Both methods have advantages in terms of technology and economy. Therefore, in the new laterite nickel mine projects in the next few years, the proportion of hydrometallurgical smelting will be greater than that of pyrometallurgical smelting, and the development prospect of hydrometallurgical smelting is more optimistic.
Even though hydrometallurgy has many advantages, at present, its smelting technology also has many problems. For example, one-time equipment investment is only suitable for processing limonite-type ore with low magnesium content, and there are requirements for ore grade, and there are many same liquid wastes. , Pollute the environment and so on.
These problems have always restricted the development of the process. While improving the pressure acid leaching technology, people are constantly developing new laterite nickel ore wet processes, such as atmospheric leaching and biological leaching. In recent years, these new The process has attracted much attention. Compared with the pressure acid leaching process, they have many advantages.

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